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Welcome to All American Dreams Homes LLC

Our goal is to help keep the American Dream alive and one of the ways we can do that is by helping our families to be come strong again financially.

One of the problems facing the average consumer is that they aren’t financial professionals and they were not taught how to handle credit and debt in school. They learn about credit and debt the hard way, in real life. And they learn some pretty costly lessons that way too.

At All American Dream Homes our goal is to help you to put the right strategies to work and avoid the pitfalls of making the wrong financial choices.

For instance, there are times when a refinance can be the right move depending on all of the factors involved and the immediate need. But most of the time a refinance done for reasons involving paying off debts or for a small rate improvement doesn’t make the most sense. Often you are just starting over again with a new 30 year mortgage and the last few years of interest on your mortgage payments have been lost.

There are better and more efficient ways to handle debt than just moving it over to your mortgage through a refinance. You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish in getting your debts under control and getting a real plan in place to pay them off years ahead of time.

It’s all about strategy and planning and not throwing your money away. You have a future to build and you’re not going to do it making the same mistakes that most everyone else makes.

If you are trying to get your debts under control the right way without destroying your credit in the wrong strategy contact Lane Family Financial. They can show you how you can regain your financial security, protect your credit, protect your current equity or rebuild your equity, and save a substantial amount on money and payments on your debt. And you’ll do it while meeting all of your financial obligations too.

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